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Women Dating over 50

The most frequently reported turning points for women were not marriage or motherhood, but personal growth experiences involving psychological ‘self-work’, such as changing one’s lifestyle. Many women don't see Mid-Life as a time for winding down their lives rather they report an opportunity for exploring new career, vocation, interests, growth and fulfillment. 

Studies show that factors predicting well-being at mid-life included financial well-being.

a confidante or a group of women friends, good health, high self-esteem, lack of self-denigration, high self-efficacy, a benign superego, goals for the future, a positive life narrative, the belief that one has a right to a life, positive Mid-Life role models, and positive feelings about our appearance.

It's important that we explore who we truly are and what we want out of the rest of our lives. Then start taking action. Consider setting some personal development goals for

self-improvement and empowerment. As you do this, look at the different areas in your life and record what you want it to look like. 

Being 50 and beyond today means many different things than it did for some of our parents and grandparents. It is not the time to give up and wait for the end. We're not at the beginning of the end, but rather in the middle of it. Finding a purpose in life at 50 and beyond entails doing this at a moment when we appreciate ourselves more. It's a period when we're more comfortable with who we are.  We have to stop fighting it and simply accept the opportunity of living the meaningful life that we are naturally inspired to live.

We live healthierhappier, more cognitively capable, and significantly longer lives when

we have meaning and purpose. We should stop trying to be good at everything and get great at one thing. The time is now. That thing that we have been wanting to do, let’s do it. If we’re happy doing what we do, let’s do twice as much of it. And if we don’t like something about our current circumstance, let’s change it or try to adjust it. Don’t wait, don’t settle. This is our life, we only get one, and now is the time to make fullest use of it.


Women's health

Yes! You can thrive at any age.  No one really starts over. Forge  a new path from where you are today, and bring along your wealth of knowledge , expertise, and skills.

Group travel after 50

Most successful founders are no strangers to chaos and stress. In fact, I learned how to deal with it well at a very young age.  But we need to inspire the people around us to be great without the “dysfunctional family” approach.

Midlife Crisis in Women

The majority of American women will become single at some point between the ages of 65 and the end of life. This means that in their latter years, women should be equipped to manage their finances alone.

Remember: you can start late, start over, lose it all, fail again and again, yet still succeed.

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Paulina Porizkova let her husband handle their finances, at a huge cost to her when she was widowed. She was 56 at the time and a former model who had aged out of work and had no job prospects. 

You just had a liquidity event. Maybe you’ve sold a business,

or you’ve received a large gift or inheritance. What would you do in this situation? Here's what to do with it.

Baby Boomer Women
Midlife Crisis in Women

As a CEO who'd fallen apart after his company failed, Kamal Ravikant wrote a book about how loving himself saved him. He went from a life in darkness to a complete, fulfilled and happy life, and he shares this with us. 

Women's health

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What Women are Saying 


Women Dating over 50

    My career interests are changing. I am preparing to blossom in a new field– writing –and I’ve obtained the experiences from life to write about valid feelings and desires, conflicts and contests with truth, because I’ve been there. 


Women's health

I recognizing that my personal values were out of step with corporate values. In my late 50's, I pursued a Master's degree in clinical counseling, and I am building a nonprofit organization that works with employers to provide support to victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. 


Midlife Crisis in Women

Over the course of my 40 years in the workforce, my career path has seen some interesting ups and downs. I also made the right decision for me at each stage in my life. But I changed direction when they were no longer right. A career choice need not be final  It's never too late to stretch your wings. 

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