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Paulina Porizkova issues a warning to women following the death of her husband, which left her destitute and penniless.

Paulina Porizkova is open about being excluded from her late husband's will in public.

The "The Money Issue" of SheKnows magazine features the 58-year-old ex-supermodel, who candidly discusses her financial struggles following the death of her ex-husband Ric Ocasek. Porizkova, who was disinherited by Ocasek, was piercingly sincere on social media. She stated, "I wish could have just given it up on Instagram and [said], 'I'm so fu-ed right now. For instance, my friends are buying all the food because I don't have any money for groceries, and I'm stressing out because I'm trying to sell my house."

"But doing that would have meant having my legs sawed off at the knee. It would have improved my mood, but it would have screwed me."

On the filming of the "Drive" music video in 1984, Porizkova had her first encounter with The Cars singer. He was about 40 at the time, and she was 19 years old.

2019 saw Ocasek's passing.

She admitted to the magazine, "I was so upset and so crushed, I couldn't even make myself a lunch or take a shower, let alone go to a business manager or an accountant and attempt to figure out what the hell I'm supposed to be doing with my financial situation.”

Five years later, Porizkova is still hesitant despite taking control of her finances. "I don't feel confident," she admitted. "I've spent 58 years providing financial nonsense to corporate managers in the form of stuffed teddy bears. I didn't wake up out of the blue.

I didn't suddenly become financially literate one day. I still feel like I'm only just beginning to understand this."

Initially giving her spouse control of her finances, according to Porizkova, was a "mistake." She acknowledged that it was a bad error to give someone else control over her independence.

"I did not make a mistake in trusting my husband; I trusted him in the wrong way when I handed myself over to him like, 'Here. You look after me. That was a great lesson, and I've definitely internalized it. Never again will I give myself over to anyone that way."

The former couple wed in 1989, but after over 30 years together, they decided to call it quits in 2018, with Porizkova claiming that she did so because of their marital difficulties at the time.

When Ocasek received his Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction, Porizkova remarked that "he was the only guy who didn't thank his wife on the podium."

Porizkova claimed that she began publicly dating even though she and Ocasek continued to share a house while living in separate bedrooms and that she was already in a relationship with another guy when her spouse passed away.

Ocasek and Porizkova had two sons together. She fought back tears when saying, "Watching the pain my children were going through was probably one of the worst things that has happened to me."

Porizkova was not only left penniless by Ocasek's will, but she was also dumped by her lover on the day she was leaving the house she lived with Ocasek, "when I probably needed him the most."

Paulina said she took time off to take stock of the woman she has become. She learned how to be single again by doing a lot of self work. She did therapy, read books, meditate and more. She was very much the same as the girl, minus the starry eyes, the boundless hope and naïveté, but with a gained understanding of gratitude and knowledge of her strength.

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