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Women after 60


Join us in creating a community hub where women 50 and beyond can connect, share, learn, inspire, champion and support each other. The ability to reshape our lives in mid-life and beyond resides within the very mindset we nurture. Let us embrace the power of reframing and embark on a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and positive transformation. Our goal is to help each other navigate through life's transitions from a place of empowerment, and show how this sense of community is “ageless”.

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Midlife Crisis in Women


We created a community hub for women 50 and beyond where we can empower each other to recognize our wisdom, experience, skills, the ability to adapt and embrace change and thrive. Our stories are about a more inclusive and authentic perspectives on aging and overcoming stereotypes, cultural and social norms. Regardless of the past or the stage of life one is in, it's never too late to pursue that which could give our lives more meaning, provide a feeling of self-fulfillment, and allow us to age with grace, strength, and beauty.

Featured Story 


Is the current state of the world directly

related to the lack of women in positions of power? It’s a man’s world, we just live in it.

Here we are in 2024, where it’s clear that

mere speculation is no longer enough.

The time for a transformational shift is now. 


women 50+

She holds the Guinness World Record as the oldest woman to have completed a marathon. The retired doctor, who began running at age 46, sees the direct connection between moving and health. She shares her tips for staying fit, healthy and active. 

Crisis in Women

Women have a raw deal when it comes to healthcare. We are not t aken seriously, we are under treated, and when we mention symptoms, it takes healthcare providers a longer period of time to actually prescribe medication. Read why women must continue to advocate for our health and fight to improve our care.

Baby Boomer Women

There is a big difference between traveling in your 20s and then in your 50s and 60s. Adventure, experience and traveling only gets better with age.  Compare the benefits and drawbacks of group tours vs solo travel. 

Women's health

The majority of women will become single at some point after the age of 65. This means that in their latter years, women should be equipped to manage their finances alone. Empower your golden years. 

                                                                         SHARE YOUR STORY

Who better to tell their story than those who lived it? Mid-Life Women showcases stories from women 50 and beyond who want to promote an understanding of their individual experiences in a powerfully real and human way. If you are interested in contributing your story, please read

the guidelines and send us a request by completing the submission form. Click here for more information

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